The Vision Statement

"The vision of Dewan Salman Fibre Limited is to become leading market player in the Fibre sector. "

The Mission Statement

"The mission of Dewan Salman Fibre Limited is to be the leader in synthetic fibre manufacturing in Pakistan and become a global player in the field."

"To assume leadership role in the technological advancement of the industry and to achieve the highest level of qualitative and quantitative indigenization."

"To be the finest organization in its industry and to conduct its business responsibility and in a straight forward manner."

"To seek long-Term and good relations with our suppliers and customers with fair, honest and mutually profitable dealings."

"To achieve the basic aim of benefiting our customers, employees, shareholders, other stake holders and to fulfill us commitments to our society."

"To create a work environment highlighting team work, which motivates, recognizes and rewards achievements at all levels of the organization, because

"In Allah We Trust & Believe" and human resource is our capital and asset."

"To be honest and be able to respond effectively to changes in all aspects of life including technology, culture proactive and environment."

"To be a contributing corporate citizen for the betterment of society and to exhibit a socially responsible behavior."

"To conduct business with integrity and strive to be the best."

Sales Tax Registration Number:       05-07-3907-001-46

National Tax Number:                         0000146-5

Registered Office
Factory Office
Dewan Centre, 3-A, Lalazar
Beach Luxury Hotel Road,
Karachi - 75350, Pakistan.
Phone: +92 21 3520 5244-5
UAN: + 92 21 111364111
Fax: +92 21 3563 0860
Plot No.1, Dewan Farooque Industrial Park, Hattar, District Haripur (Kbk)

Last Updated: January 25, 2022

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