Board of Directors

Mr. Haroon Iqbal

-     Chairman Board of Directors

Mr. Ghazanfar Baber Siddiqi

-     Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Imran Ahmed Javed

-     Director

Mr. Syed Maqbool Ali

-     Director

Mr. Muhammad Ashraf

-     Director

Mrs. Nida Jamil

-     Director

Mr. Aziz-ul-Haque

-     Director



Mr. Malik Bilal Omar

(Chief Operating Officer)

Shareholding Pattern

Pattern of Shareholding

Notice of AGM

Notice of AGM

Form of Proxy

Proxy Form

Name of Auditor of the Company

Feroze Sharif Tariq & Co.

Name of Legal Advisor of the Company

A.K. Brohi & Company Advocates

Election of Directors

Relevant Information shall be made available at the times of Election of Directors

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